MOXY Testing


From the person looking to participate in their first 5k, to the seasoned athlete trying to fine-tune their performance, BEC works with each athlete to develop a unique training plan to reach their goals. BEC specializes in using power meters to optimize cycling training and race performance.

BEC uses a 3 step process to prepare their athletes to be in ‘perfect form’ for race day.

  1. Test – Strengths and weaknesses will be determined which can be aligned with cycling goals.
  2. Train and Analyze – With power, you can quickly and objectively pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses on the bike. You can then focus your training to reach your goals, and tell if your training is working.
  3. Race – Coupled with the right software and expertise, with power you can dial in the perfect taper to be your best on race day- you will be very fit and well rested for the big event.


Breakaway Endurance Coaching is a Charter Partner of Fortiori Design, the inventor of the Moxy Monitor. Fortiori works with the top training centers across the United States to help bring muscle oxygen monitoring technology to athletes.

The Moxy Monitor provides real time information about the metabolic state of the muscle and it can be used anywhere, even underwater. Athletes use muscle oxygen information to more precisely guide their training intensity and to monitor the improvements in their muscle oxidative capacity. The Moxy Sensor is the heart of the Moxy Monitor System. Its light emitting diodes and photo detectors together create the spectrometer that makes Muscle Oxygen measurement possible. Fully functional and self-contained, the Moxy Sensor has a battery for power, a microprocessor for operating the spectrometer, and a memory chip for storing data; it also has a radio transmitter for sending live data to other devices.

Moxy provides real time physiologic feedback for any sport: it is strong enough to withstand the rigors of motocross riding and rugby; it is secure enough to operate in the swimming pool; it is portable enough to wear on the football field. Moxy takes physiologic monitoring out of the lab and into the real world of sports.

MOXY Testing

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